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Decluttering a room, a garage, a loft or an entire home can be a challenge. Security Self Storage in Waltham Cross provide great value decluttering self storage space to help you start the decluttering process.

Security Self Storage located in Waltham Cross, close to J25 of the M25 and the A10, offer a selection of room sizes that you can hire from a 16 sq ft room which is ideal for storing the contents of a bedsit up to a 250 sq ft room ideal for storing the contents of a 4 or 5 bedroom house, garage and shed.

Personal decluttering self storage rooms are available for short or long term rental. Just bring your items to the Security Self Storage site, lock them in your exclusive room and come and go as you please during our opening hours. The room is secured by your own lock, and only you will hold a key. All we ask is that you avoid storing perishable, live or flammable items.

If you are using Security Self Storage for the first time or you are looking for more storage space you are welcome to drop in to see what we have to offer. When arriving with your items you can drive into our customer loading area allowing you to unload in a safe and dry environment.

The Security Self Storage center team are fully trained and will be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you might have. If it’s not convenient to drop in please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.

Decluttering With Security Self Storage Waltham Cross?

Security Self Storage Waltham Cross are committed to bringing you the best in personal decluttering self storage along with a great deal. We are located in Britannia Road, Waltham Cross, close to J25 of the M25 and the A10. We have excellent parking with an indoor customer loading area to keep you safe and dry when storing your items. Whether you’re looking for short term or long term storage, you are sure to find exactly what you need at Security Self Storage Waltham Cross.

How To Find Security Self Storage in Waltham Cross.

The map below shows the location of Security Self Storage


1) Slow the flow. There is little point getting rid of items you no longer need; only to replace it with more useless stuff. If you can be really brave… stop the flow

2) When faced with a mountain of clutter there is an old saying; How do you eat an Elephant… One piece at a time. Make a start and spend just a few hours at a time, possibly on rainy days. Gradually you will free up all that wasted space.

3) Divide the items into three piles: Recycle, Charity, Sell. The selling bit can be fun. You could take stuff to a ‘car boot sale’ or use an online auction site. Social media is another option telling your friends and family what you are decluttering.

4) The 2 year rule. When decluttering consider the following; when did you last wear, play with or use the item. Go on get rid!

5) ‘Thanks Nan, it’s lovely’; or is it? We all receive presents we do not appreciate as much as the person who gave you it. Of course they may have been given it and didn’t like it either. Some would say ‘Guilt is Good’

If after all your efforts decluttering, you still have stuff, consider using decluttering self storage.

The Space You Need For As Long As You Need It.

No matter what you are storing, you choose how long you want to store it for. If your needs change you can move into another available room. You can come and go as you please during our opening hours. If you need boxes and wrapping materials we hold a good range of items. To secure a room all we need is identification and your initial payment.

What Can You Store

Below are just some of the reasons why you may want to use Security Self Storage rooms for personal self storage.

  • Furniture storage when decorating
  • Clearing a spare room
  • Home contents stored between moves
  • Decluttering
  • Family heirlooms
  • Sports equipment
  • Garden furniture in the winter
  • Student boxes between term times
  • Making space when family or friends stay
  • Garage or shed overspill

Personal Self Storage Rooms

Security Self Storage have various room sizes to choose from. Below you will find some helpful information about each room size and what you could fit in it.

  • 16 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a bedsit
  • 25 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a studio flat
  • 35 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a one bedroom flat
  • 50 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a large one bedroom flat
  • 75 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a two bedroom house
  • 100 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a two or three bedroom house
  • 125 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a 3 bedroom house with garden shed
  • 150 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a large 3 bedroom house
  • 200 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a 4 bedroom house
  • 225 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a larger 4 bedroom house
  • 250 sq ft – Great storage for the contents of a 4 or 5 bedroom house, garage and shed

If these sizes are not big enough, we have additional storage on site, just give us a call.

In addition to the Waltham Cross self storage London unit we have warehouses located in Bedford, Bournemouth, Dunfermline, Farnborough, Forres, Knaresborough, Lancaster, Leeds, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Telford, Winchester, Jersey and Guernsey.

Personal Self Storage Insurance

For total peace of mind, all our customers must insure their goods through The Self Storage Company Open Cover Policy. Our policy is specially designed for self storage, so you can be sure your goods are fully protected. You simply pay the price for cover based on the replacement value of what you are storing with us.


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